FFL stands ready to help with our Strategic Flood Response Fund


Visit donate.foundationforlouisiana.org to donate.


Our neighbors in many parts of Louisiana have experienced flooding that is responsible for loss of life, major losses of property and significant impacts on safety. With more than 10 years of experience in community-focused disaster relief and recovery, Foundation for Louisiana (FFL) stands ready to support our flooded communities as they face the ongoing devastation. FFL has activated the Strategic Flood Response Fund, the financial support of which will strengthen local, on-the-ground groups in high-impact disaster response — now and through the critical long-term disaster planning and response phase. We know from experience that this approach creates more enduring outcomes for Louisiana families.

To be certain, government’s response has dramatically improved since Hurricane Katrina. We know that first responders save lives, serve evacuees and assess the recovery landscape. Philanthropic organizations like Foundation for Louisiana, meanwhile, are prepared to focus financial and strategic resources to ensure disaster-impacted families get the attention they need and can participate in the critical decisions that will dictate the terms of their recovery. As Gov. Edwards pointed out, “It’s not over.” Some estimates have residents remaining in shelters for a month. Now is the time to align ourselves with Louisianans who are on the front lines of the response and recovery of this historic flooding incident.

The foundation is ready to help, with contributions to the Strategic Flood Response Fund, to provide assistance for both relief and immediate recovery efforts. Donate options are available on the homepage of our website at donate.foundationforlouisiana.org. All money donated will be directed solely toward disaster relief and recovery efforts.

Building on our experience and expertise, we will use our capacity to work with organizations that are involved with providing long-term assistance and have sustained prior relationships with individuals and families in the affected areas. Currently FFL staff are assisting with immediate response, planning efforts and assessing the situation on the ground from locations in and around FFL’s Baton Rouge office. As a statewide philanthropic organization whose roots are in disaster response and recovery, we are able to provide responsive assistance and ensure that devastated communities rebuild and become more resilient.

We will continue to monitor the situation and offer ways our FFL community can provide other forms of assistance — whether with donations or volunteering — through our website and social media vehicles, as well as media updates. Thank you in advance for your support at this critical time, in which we once again come together to continue making Louisiana a stronger and safer state.

Along with donating online, you also can write a check to:
Foundation for Louisiana
4354 S. Sherwood Forest Blvd. Suite 100
Baton Rouge, Louisiana 70816
(Make sure to write “Strategic Flood Response Fund” in the “For” line.)