State of Progress


2009-2010 Annual Report (LDRF)

It is with great optimism that we observe the abundance of opportunity before us. As we embark upon the next phase of our collective journey, new buildings, new voices and new ideas provide welcome indicators that we have made great progress toward realizing Louisiana’s potential as a hub of innovation, a leader in equity and a model of revitalization.

It is with great appreciation, awe and humility that we look back upon the past five years that have transformed our lives and changed our nation. Katrina and Rita brought unprecedented disaster, exposed heartbreaking neglect and inspired everyday men and women to become heroes. The storms revealed the worst and brought out our best. Having been confronted with the stark realities of crumbling infrastructure, compromised leadership, racial divisions and generational poverty, Louisiana residents and their allies throughout the nation and around the world have responded with creativity, compassion and a tenacious resolve to build something better.

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