What We Do

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Foundation for Louisiana unites generous donors, committed organizations and caring residents to effect lasting change to move our entire state forward.

We fund, lead, convene, and collaborate to build on the existing power in our communities and address the greatest and most critical needs facing Louisiana.

Foundation for Louisiana has invested $55 million in more than 250 mission-critical nonprofit organizations working across the state towards building a more just Louisiana. Guided by our strong, stated values, our by-invitation grantmaking allows Foundation for Louisiana (FFL) to remain bold and unapologetic in the issue areas on which we work in a largely conservative landscape. Our programs have continued to grow in response to our region's needs and today FFL focuses on these programmatic areas:

Our programs address the longstanding inequities that have shaped life outcomes for the most marginalized of Louisianans. We accomplish this via a three-pronged strategy of investing, building and transforming. We are proud to support freedom work statewide.


As a social justice philanthropic intermediary, we redistribute resources to on-the-ground projects, many of which can't access traditional philanthropy.

Each year, FFL makes grants to support small organizations and projects throughout Louisiana in our key focus areas.