Who We Are

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Foundation for Louisiana is the people's foundation.

We tackle the issues that most deeply impact our communities, advocating alongside Louisianans to chart our own futures. We are transparent and accountable to our community around what we fund, who we fund, and how we make funding decisions. We have strong, stated, actualized values.

We use our power responsibly, acknowledge it, and push it outward. We are Black-led and honor the knowledge of people of color, women, two-spirit and transgender individuals—and the many ways in which these identities intersect. We are bold in our analysis and movement towards freedom, amplifying the lived experiences of Louisianans closest to the work. We bring people with us, and people bring us with them.

We will continue to be courageous in our work to invest, build, and transform Louisiana.

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Our Values

FREEDOM  Our work is rooted in the legacy of abolition movements that have existed in Louisiana for hundreds of years. We will press on until our state sees true collective freedom for all Louisianans.


KNOWLEDGE  The grassroots wisdom of Louisiana residents is our most valuable resource. Given appropriate support, communities can and will solve their own problems and chart their own futures.


DIGNITY  Individuals and families have the right to thrive in everyday life, and amidst both natural and man-made disasters.


JUSTICE  Achieving justice for all Louisianans requires effective public policy and systemic change, a decolonial framework, and an intersectional understanding of systems of oppression. We are interconnected, and our work must address legacies of slavery and anti-Black racism, and acknowledge that we are on Native land.


LIVED EXPERIENCE  Those who are most impacted by injustice are also best equipped to lead positive change in their communities. As such, our board and staff are representative of our communities across Louisiana.


COMMITMENT  Continuous individual and collective growth improves our work. We are committed to doing our best and always aim to do better.


ACCESS  Removing barriers and creating paths to resources and opportunities for those who have been denied access to them is necessary for systemic change.


TRANSPARENCY  Being clear and open about our work holds us accountable to each other and to our communities, and maintains our integrity as an organization.


COURAGE  We acknowledge the longevity of our struggles. We find the strength necessary to persevere in the face of violence by remembering that we walk in the footsteps of our ancestors.