Philanthropic Leadership

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Philanthropic Leadership

The freedom to bring people with us, and us with them

The Foundation’s initial years were shaped by a sense of urgency and structured around being equitable and responsive to disaster and other critical community needs. Now, as we lay the groundwork to proactively serve the people of Louisiana for decades to come, we remain committed to an intrepid, on-going assessment of our own practices, as well as those of the broader philanthropic sector.

We believe that the grassroots wisdom of Louisiana residents is our most valuable resource. Those who are most impacted by injustice are also the best equipped to lead positive change in their communities, and given appropriate resources, communities can and will solve their own problems and chart their own futures. As such, our approach to philanthropic giving is catalytic, collaborative and participatory. We work with community members to create programs and grant opportunities that build power—connecting philanthropy directly to on-the-ground efforts.

We also provide the grounded, local analysis philanthropy needs to resource Louisiana-based social change work and challenge  dominant narratives about the South.

Now Hiring: Racial Justice Program Officer

By admin | December 10, 2023

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Armature Scholarship Program Awards $42,000 in Scholarships to LA Students

By Camille Roane | September 26, 2023

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Excellence in Black Philanthropy Award 2023

By admin | August 8, 2023

Excellence in Black Philanthropy Award 2023 In celebration of Black Philanthropy Month’s uplifting of giving and equity-building in communities of African descent, Foundation for Louisiana…