Philanthropic Leadership

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Philanthropic Leadership

The freedom to bring people with us, and us with them

The Foundation’s initial years were shaped by a sense of urgency and structured around being responsive to disaster and other critical community needs. Now, as we lay the groundwork to proactively serve the people of Louisiana for decades to come, we remain committed to an intrepid, on-going assessment of our own practices, as well as those of the broader philanthropic sector.

Honing our thought leadership allows us to provide the grounded, local analysis that national philanthropy needs to resource mission-critical Louisiana projects and challenge the dominant narrative about the South's most pressing systemic issues, encouraging overdue reinvestment and change. Programmatic activities include the media work, presenting, and advising, which shape regional and national investment into communities beyond the reach of traditional philanthropy. To continue to push the status quo of bold, place-based philanthropy and create a stronger and more effective presence during legislative sessions, FFL is considering the creation of a 501c4 arm.

NOW HIRING: Grants Manager

By Camille Roane | December 20, 2021

NOW HIRING GRANTS MANAGER  About Foundation for Louisiana Foundation for Louisiana unites philanthropists, committed organizations, and caring residents to address the most critical needs facing…