15 for 15: Focus on Freedom campaign

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During the 15-year commemoration of Hurricane Katrina, Foundation for Louisiana celebrates 15 years of courage, perseverance, and supporting frontline communities in their efforts towards building a more just Louisiana. In our 15 years of existence, we have evolved from a disaster recovery effort investing in the immediate and long-term equitable recovery of Louisiana’s people after hurricane Katrina to a permanent philanthropic leadership organization focusing on equity and justice. Since inception, FFL’s work has led to big wins for Louisiana including the creation of thousands of units of affordable, safe housing; passing historic criminal justice reforms; removal of the confederate monuments; the ability of small business owners of color and cultural institutions to access capital; establishing Louisiana’s first fund for supporting Black-led movement work consistent with the Black Lives Matter platform, and much more.

As we observe our 15th-anniversary and Louisiana’s people face rising seas, displacement, and new economic opportunities, our work remains crucial for this time. As we celebrate 15 years, we are looking for partners and accomplices who will ensure we can build on the work for another generation, and who care deeply about Louisiana’s future. This September, in conjunction with our anniversary, we are pleased to launch a three-year $15 million campaign to support FFL’s future. This investment will allow us to build an endowment that will fund FFL’s bold people and community-centered goals and initiatives into perpetuity, and allow us to build a permanent home to support our work. To invest in FFL’s future is to invest in the future of Louisiana – it is an investment in systems change, in Black leadership from the South, in equitable resource redistribution, and an investment in our people having measurably better lives.

Contributing to the Fifteen for Fifteen: Focus on Freedom campaign will allow future generations of Louisianans to build stronger and more sustainable communities statewide. Now more than ever, the hallmarks of FFL’s legacy are necessary – showing up for our communities, elevating unheard voices, establishing sustainable justice infrastructure and providing local leaders with the resources and support necessary to create a thriving and just Louisiana. With your support, FFL will continue to create paths for Louisianans to see change and prosperity for our home – from Monroe to the coast. Click here to learn more and support the campaign.