Become an FFL Freedom Fighter

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For the past 15 years, your compassion and support have enabled our work to evolve from equitable recovery in the wake of Hurricane Katrina to combating the long-standing inequities the storm revealed. Today, your generosity allows us to focus on freedom work statewide. It is because of your commitment to a more equitable Louisiana that we invite you to become a Foundation for Louisiana Freedom Fighter.

The unprecedented crises we have faced this year have revealed just how crucial our work is and we remain grateful to fight alongside those who care deeply about Louisiana’s future. As members of this inaugural, monthly giving initiative, Freedom Fighters will become our accomplices in weathering the storms of today and agitating the systems that shape meaningful social change for tomorrow. 

There is no gift too small. Stand with us. Ensure climate, racial, gender, economic and criminal justice thrive in Louisiana from month to month and year to year.  Become a Freedom Fighter today! 

Our Freedom Fighters will receive a special “insider” view of our work each month. With your support, FFL will continue to create paths for Louisianans to see change and prosperity for our home – from Monroe to the coast. There are plenty of ways to help further our mission without breaking the bank – it just takes a few minutes to get started.  Sign up for a monthly pledge to be automatically charged to your credit card.  It’s flexible: You can cancel or change your pledge any time you wish simply by notifying us.

Would you please join us as a Freedom Fighter today?