Donor Advised Fund Advances Justice for Louisiana

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Donor Advised Fund Advances Justice for Louisiana

Armarture Philanthropy at Foundation for Louisiana supports reproductive justice and decarceration efforts through inaugural round of grant making

Foundation for Louisiana (FFL) announced today that Armature Philanthropy, the foundation’s first donor advised fund, has awarded nearly $550,000 in grants to support reproductive justice and decarceration efforts in Louisiana. The grantmaking represents a values-aligned partnership between Foundation for Louisiana, which has a 15-year history of social justice grant making throughout the state, and a donor who is deeply committed to using their resources to expand freedom and justice in Louisiana. Given mounting attacks on reproductive justice throughout Louisiana, and Orleans Parish’s status until very recently as the incarceration capital of the world, this grantmaking is especially well-timed.

“Foundation for Louisiana is so proud to support Armature Philanthropy’s grantmaking as they step up to respond to two of the most urgent issues facing Louisiana’s communities at this time,” said Flozell Daniels, Jr., CEO of the Foundation for Louisiana. “Armature Philanthropy is demonstrating how donors can work with trusted philanthropic partners to respond courageously and effectively to advance justice throughout Louisiana. Armature Philanthropy is a model for other justice oriented donors who are eager to respond to Louisiana’s most critical needs.”

The grants include well-timed support for organizations utilizing different core strategies – for example, bail funds, voter engagement, and organizing - to advance change throughout Louisiana. Projects supported include Operation Restoration’s Safety & Justice Bail Fund;  Women With A Vision’s work to improve the lives of marginalized women via advocacy and services; and support for Immigration Services and Legal Advocacy’s work, given that Louisiana has more than doubled its contracts with ICE, imprisoning nearly 10,000 undocumented immigrants in private detention facilities and rural jails. Please see the full grantee list below.

At Foundation for Louisiana, donor advised funds are now an easy to establish, flexible vehicle for charitable giving as a strategic alternative to direct giving or creating a private foundation. As a trusted partner in philanthropy, FFL brings nearly 15 years of social change expertise to advise donors on giving decisions. FFL offers a variety of services to maximize philanthropic goals, while providing in-house expertise on the landscape of social change work throughout Louisiana and strategic grantmaking practices to ensure gifts are making the greatest impact possible. At the same time, donors become part of a community committed to building a future that expands equality for Louisiana.

Grants List:

Voice of the Experienced is a grassroots organization founded and run by formerly incarcerated people, our families and our allies dedicated to restoring the full human and civil rights of those most impacted by the criminal (in)justice system.

Families and Friends of Louisiana’s Incarcerated Children creates a better life for all of Louisiana’s youth, especially those involved in or targeted by the juvenile justice system.

Orleans Parish Prison Reform Coalition uses education and organizing to decrease incarceration, increase oversight, and improve the conditions in Orleans Parish Prison, emphasizing a community centered approach to justice, in order to foster a whole and liberated New Orleans.

The Promise of Justice Initiative works to create positive change for people in the criminal justice at the intersection of direct services, impact litigation, and community engagement.

Innocence Project New Orleans frees innocent, life-sentenced prisoners, supports their clients living well and fully in the world after their release; and advocates for sensible criminal justice policies that reduce wrongful convictions.

Operation Restoration supports women and girls impacted by incarceration to recognize their full potential, restore their lives, and discover new possibilities.

Immigration Services and Legal Advocacy defends the rights of immigrant communities and advocates for just and humane immigration policy.

Congress of Day Laborers/Congreso de Jornaleros is an organization of immigrant workers and families founded by the day laborers who helped rebuild New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina. It is a hub for immigrants across the Southeast region, and a leadership pipeline for hundreds of immigrant workers and families into public life and social movement participation.

Women With A Vision aims to improve the lives of marginalized women, their families, and communities by addressing the social conditions that hinder their health and well-being through relentless advocacy, health education, supportive services, and community-based participatory research.

Power Coalition is a team of organizations who believe in the power of community and taking action. Their goal is to equip our fellow Louisianans with the knowledge and information they need to find their voice, and learn where and when to use it.

New Orleans Abortion Fund helps low-income people seeking abortions in Louisiana and the Gulf South by providing empowering assistance and resources.

The Reproductive Justice Action Collective is a New Orleans network that aims to share information, resources, ideas, and human power to create and implement projects in our community that operate within the reproductive justice framework.

Lift Louisiana educates, advocates, and litigates for policy changes needed to improve the health and wellbeing of Louisiana's women, their families, and their communities.

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