Foundation for Louisiana Ushers in a New Era of Leadership with the Appointment of Two New Board Members

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Foundation for Louisiana Ushers in a New Era of Leadership with the Appointment of Two New Board Members 

NEW ORLEANS, LA - April 10, 2024 — The Foundation for Louisiana (FFL) is pleased to announce the addition of two celebrated leaders to its Board of Directors: Dr. Keith Magee and Sade Dumas. These new appointments come at a momentous time as the Foundation continues to deepen its commitment to racial and social justice efforts throughout Louisiana.

"The Foundation for Louisiana is honored to welcome Dr. Magee and Sade Dumas to our Board of Directors," said Charmel Gaulden, President & CEO, Foundation for Louisiana. "Their diverse knowledge, experiences, and passionate commitment to justice align perfectly with the Foundation for Louisiana’s goals. We are excited about the wealth of knowledge, experience, and innovative thinking they bring to our collective work."

Dr. Keith Magee, a respected theologian, social justice scholar, and public intellectual, brings a wealth of knowledge in public theology, policy, political affairs, and the intersection of race, religion, and politics to the board. With a career spanning over three decades, including roles such as Senior Fellow and Visiting Professor of Practice in Cultural Justice at University College London and Chair of The Guardian Foundation, Dr. Magee is equipped with a unique insight into the challenges and opportunities facing communities today. His extensive experience and dedication to justice will greatly benefit FFL’s strategic goals and initiatives.

"I'm thrilled to join the board of the Foundation for Louisiana, to work alongside my fellow board members and our chief executive officer, to further our commitment to addressing the inequities that continue to act as barriers to freedom and justice across my home state," said Keith Magee.  "No matter how far I am away from Franklinton, I am deeply rooted in the moral compass it afforded me, which is embedded in the ideas of ensuring access, offering goodwill, and imploring empathy towards a just society."

Sade Dumas steps into her role on the board as the current Program Director of the Spark Justice Fund (SJF) at Borealis Philanthropy, where she focuses on transforming the pretrial justice system in the United States. Her previous positions, including serving as the Executive Director of the Orleans Parish Prison Reform Coalition (OPPRC) and co-chair of PAC for Justice, have seen her tirelessly working to improve jail conditions, advocate for decreased incarceration rates, and promote alternatives to arrests in New Orleans. Dumas's leadership in criminal justice reform, amplified by her past involvement with community leaders, members, and key stakeholders brings an incredibly important perspective to the Foundation's efforts.

"I am honored to join Foundation for Louisiana’s Board of Directors. This opportunity represents a meaningful extension of my life's work and passions, aligning closely with my commitment to systemic change and justice,” said Sade Dumas. “Having been deeply involved in efforts to reform our criminal justice system and empower communities, I look forward to contributing to the Foundation’s mission of creating a more just Louisiana. Together, I believe we can address the systemic challenges our communities face, and I'm excited to bring my experience and perspective to support the FFL's impactful work."

The introduction of these two new board members underscores the Foundation’s dedication to tackling the pressing challenges confronting our state through innovative solutions and strategic collaborations. It reflects FFL’s broader vision to not only respond to immediate needs but also to lay the groundwork for sustainable progress and equity in Louisiana. By incorporating the unique insights and expertise of Dr. Keith Magee and Sade Dumas  Foundation of Louisiana is strengthening its capacity to create meaningful change. This strategic expansion of its leadership team reaffirms its unwavering commitment to driving systemic transformation throughout the state.