Freedom Forward Fund

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FFL is proud to introduce the launch of the Freedom Forward Fund, a transformative initiative designed to enhance disaster preparation, response, and recovery efforts across our state. This fund marks a proactive approach, shifting from reactive disaster efforts to a well-prepared and resilient strategy that protects our most vulnerable communities. While we cannot stop disasters from occurring, we can ensure we are better prepared to face them.

The Freedom Forward Fund is built on strategic collaboration with communities at the forefront of risk, championing geographic equity in disaster recovery funding and leveraging the deep-rooted wisdom of our communities. These efforts recognize that effective disaster response requires more than immediate relief; it demands long-term advocacy, community organizing, and sustained policy work to bring about equitable recovery.

We invite you to support the Freedom Forward Fund — your contribution today will empower us to be ready to act swiftly, respond effectively, and rebuild stronger.

We’re dedicated to addressing systemic injustices that surface during crises, ensuring all communities have the resources to not just recover but thrive. Help us make a difference today.