REQUEST FOR PROPOSALS: Coordinator, Carbon Capture Storage/Sequestration (CSS) Strategy and Advocacy Network

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Coordinator, Carbon Capture Storage/Sequestration (CSS) Strategy and Advocacy Network

The Foundation for Louisiana (FFL) invites qualified consultants to submit proposals to support the work of Louisiana allies working together in opposition to the implementation of carbon capture storage/sequestration (CSS) and other false solutions in Louisiana. This role is designed with an acknowledgement that the work on the ground is stronger and more effective with improved communication, coordination, and collaboration and the coordinator will support effective efforts within ally networks accordingly. The coordinator will work at the direction of an advisory committee composed of representatives from Louisiana-focused climate justice nonprofits and be administered by the fiscal sponsorship program at the Foundation for Louisiana. Specific priorities and timelines will be refined in partnership with the advisory committee, but a list of likely activities and objectives are as follows:

  • Facilitate the ongoing communication and coordination of allies opposing carbon capture projects and supporting policies in Louisiana, including biweekly virtual meeting scheduling, agendas, management, and facilitation.
  • Advance the efforts of partners as directed by the Advisory Committee and allies, including supporting the group in action implementation i.e., drafting sign on letters, op-ed development or media placement, and other relevant action item follow-up.
  • Facilitate the development of an allied network false solutions strategy, including scheduling and managing “deep dive” conversations as determined by the group (to include research, communications, policy, organizing, political action, and other tactics deemed appropriate) and gathering and synthesizing information from those conversations into a shared strategy; Develop near, medium, and long-term goals with the allies group
  • Facilitate the maintenance of a database of all existing and proposed carbon CCS projects and associated pipelines and infrastructure
  • Liaise with local, regional, and national allies supporting and leading efforts to oppose carbon capture and other false solutions in Louisiana and advocate to ensure those allies are standing behind the work of local allies.
  • Assure consistent (at least monthly) media coverage by planning press conferences, op-eds, Facebook livestreams and other events.

Desired Competencies

We invite applications from individuals and/or organizations with diverse professional and personal backgrounds. We anticipate the successful applicant will demonstrate a significant number of the following competencies and skills: 

  • Demonstrated content knowledge and expertise in several of the following areas:
    • Carbon capture storage/sequestration, blue hydrogen, and other false solutions towards reaching Louisiana’s climate action plan goals
    • Major issues and opportunities in the climate justice landscape in Louisiana, particularly regarding environmental justice
    • Cause or issue-specific campaign development and execution
    • Narrative strategies that support environmental and climate communication

Budget and Timeline

The budget for this contract is $75,000 over one calendar year.  While subject to co-creation with the advisory committee, we anticipate execution of this contract will require 10 – 20 hours per week.  Given the urgency of this work, we will prioritize proposals from consultants/organizations who are able to start work by May 1, 2022, if not sooner.

To Apply

Please submit a proposal including a narrative description of qualifications that will support the achievement of the activities and outcomes listed above. Please also include detailed information about fees and billing structure and a resume/CV and/or brief bios of key staff members if applying as an organization.  Proposals should not exceed 10 pages. Please send application materials to Jessica Kinnison, Fiscal Sponsorship Program Manager, at Priority will be given to applications received by April 11, 2022.

About Foundation for Louisiana

Foundation for Louisiana (FFL) is a social justice philanthropic intermediary founded in 2005 as the Louisiana Disaster Recovery Foundation to invest in the immediate recovery of Louisiana’s communities after Hurricane Katrina. While FFL was established in the wake of Hurricane Katrina, our founders recognized the need to address the longstanding inequities that have shaped life outcomes for the most marginalized of Louisianans. Our programs grew in response to these needs, and today FFL focuses on racial justice, climate justice, criminal justice reform, economic opportunity, LGBTQ organizing, and support for Louisiana's vibrant arts and culture.

Equal Opportunity

Foundation for Louisiana follows an equal opportunity employment policy and employs personnel without regard to race, creed, color, ethnicity, national origin, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender expression, age, physical or mental ability, veteran status, military obligations, criminal justice background, and marital status.

This policy also applies to internal promotions, training, opportunities for advancement, terminations, outside vendors, members and customers, service clients, use of contractors and consultants, grantees, board members and dealings with the general public.

We encourage applications from people with disabilities and are available to discuss reasonable accommodations for any applicant who may need them. To inquire about accommodations, please email or call FFL at (225)383-1672.  Please refrain from making phone calls for any reason other than to request application accommodations.