Climate Justice

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Climate Justice

The freedom to be the steward of my land and water

Building on 10 years of working in coastal communities, FFL launched the Coastal Resilience Leverage Fund to catalyze innovative and multi-sector responses to Louisiana’s climate crisis. Understanding the disproportionate impacts that climate change has on Black, Indigenous, communities of color, and low-income communities the fund expanded to become the Climate Justice portfolio. The Climate Justice program addresses the complex array of issues and opportunities through a Louisiana-based movement for climate action.

Our work understands both the urgency of reducing the emissions warming our planet and the importance of planning for future generations. The program has helped train a green infrastructure workforce, created a citizen-led policy framework to complement the state’s Coastal Master Plan, graduated 125 empowered advocates from the LEAD the Coast initiative (Leadership Education Advocacy Development), and invested nearly $6 million towards climate justice in the state. We plan to deepen our efforts through three parallel and interrelated goals: Build people power, advance just climate policy, and cultivate a new narrative. 



The Climate Justice program invests in frontline leadership and climate action builds generational capacity to achieve long-term positive change and transforms Louisiana’s relationship with civic power and governance in the face of coastal and climate change. 



Mitigating climate impacts is urgent work. Through grantmaking, we prioritize funding for environmental justice, equitable development, and economic opportunity. Our approach, which centers frontline community expertise and encourages policy advocates and organizers to problem-solve together, works towards a future where Louisianans are no longer reliant on extractive economies and are key designers and decision-makers for the future of our state. We aim to distribute resources to those most vulnerable to climate impacts, create sustainable jobs and opportunities to reduce disparities, and build wealth for Louisianans. In the next three years, we intend to attract and invest $10 million in the fight for climate justice.



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